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5 Sources To Get Checked 5th Grade Homework Answers To Math Questions

Helping your 5th grader with their maths homework can be challenging, especially if you don’t remember the work yourself! Luckily, there are a few places where you can find checked answers to 5th grade maths homework. Even better, we’ve compiled a list of the five best places for you to look, so carry on reading!

  1. School textbooks
  2. The best place to find checked answers to maths assignments is probably in your child’s school textbook. These textbooks often have sections with questions and their corresponding answers, and some teachers take questions straight from the textbook and assign them as after school tasks. So, you might just get lucky and find the correct solutions to your child’s assignment in their school textbook.

  3. Extra textbooks
  4. Another great place to look for correct solutions to school assignments is in other textbooks or study guides. Again, teachers often use questions straight from other textbooks or study guides and assign them to their students as homework, so you may just find the graded solutions you need. You can buy these textbooks and study guides at good book shops, or even loan them from your public library.

  5. A tutor
  6. If your child has a private maths tutor or does extra maths lessons with a tutor, you can ask their tutor if they have any checked assignment answers that you can use. If you’re only using the solutions to check your child’s work, and not just giving your child the correct answers, their tutor may be happy to help you. If they don’t have the solutions, they may even be able to do the assignment themselves and provide you with those solutions. However, you may need to pay them for their time, so be prepared to do so.

  7. Homework websites
  8. Thankfully, the Internet has countless maths homework help websites, and you may be able to find graded assignment answers on a few of these sites. Some of these websites charge a fee, but others allow people to access their content completely free of charge.

  9. Live homework help websites
  10. One last good place to check for graded solutions to 5th grade maths assignments is on one of the many live homework help websites. Luckily, there are so many kind people who are willing to give their time to help children with their schoolwork that you’re bound to find the graded solutions you need.

Avoid Boredom

Nobody ever does their homework well if they are bored. Find ways to avoid boredom even if it means doing shorter sessions more often of your homework. Once you are bored, your homework standards slip.

Improve Memory

You can improve your memory. There are exercises and activities you can do just as you might exercise some other muscles in your body. Learn to improve your memory.

Use Key Words

Keywords are just that, the key words. Develop the skill of being able to read something and highlight the keywords. These are the words which will trigger ideas in your mind later on.


Know how long you are able to concentrate. Some people can concentrate for much longer periods than others. But if you know how long it is you can concentrate effectively, then set your homework tasks accordingly.

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